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Seminar Descriptions

Change Your Attitude

Using your power to overcome barriers. One of the most important steps you can take to achieving your goals is to learn how to change your attitude. Doing so can impact your work performance, relationships, and your overall mental state.

Integrating Diversification

Diversifying requires more than lip service and not lowering the standards. Diversity can be conceptualized in different ways depending on the context. Understanding diversity means to accept other unique experiences, strengths, weaknesses, and ideas. 

Owning Your Biases

Attitudes, Beliefs, and/or Prejudices endorsed at the conscious or unconscious level. Biases are personal, cultural, and institutional. It is most often invisible to those that have it. Your unconscious is more powerful than you think, but there are ways of rectifying implicit bias. 

The Mind of a Champion

How to lead with resilience, a purpose, and authenticity. Learning how to compete at the highest level and having the essential habits for success is important to becoming a champion. 

Breaking Through to Increase Academics

Understanding the difficulties and lack of athletics and co-curricular activities in urban high schools lead to understanding of shortcomings in student academic achievement.

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